LiquiGlide Case Study


LiquiGlide appointed LEWIS to generate awareness for the company’s innovative slippery coatings. The goal was to let target audiences know that the company’s technology was more than just a science experiment – that it was available now and could be customized for many different applications. We also needed to communicate its safety for use with consumer products and show that manufacturers of viscous liquids – everything from condiments to glue, paint and more – could eliminate waste, cut costs and even increase profits with LiquiGlide.


The LEWIS team realized it needed to focus its campaign on very specific reporters – those who could not only grasp complex physics concepts, but who could translate them into simpler terms for everyday readers. As such, LEWIS focused on identifying reporters with deep scientific backgrounds, who were either science beat columnists or who wrote sophisticated features and demonstrated a willingness to dive deeply into a subject. 


In one year alone, LiquiGlide appeared in 790 unique pieces of media coverage, communicating more than 1,500 messages to millions of global readers, in more than 17 languages. 

The pinnacle of LiquiGlide’s coverage was a 1,200-word feature in 
The New York Times. The piece was the culmination of scores of email exchanges, multiple interviews and phone calls and extreme persistence. The resulting article dove deeply into LiquiGlide’s technology, explained it in simple terms, and perfectly communicated LiquiGlide’s messages to millions of readers. The article triggered a viral explosion of coverage that led to:

  • More than 500,000 views of LiquiGlide’s videos;
  • More than 38,000 Facebook likes;
  • 81,000 website views;
  • 1,629% increase in Twitter profile views; and
  • More than 600 inbound sales inquiries.

The program executed on its goal of educating consumers, repositioning the company, and driving interest in LiquiGlide’s innovative technology.

LiquiGlide Toothpaste demonstration

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