Tech PR case study - Hitachi DS Market Research

Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) wanted to stand out in a crowded market. It needed to forge its own identity as a dynamic company, distinct from its parent company. To promote its portfolio of solutions, we recommended research as the basis of the campaign.


LEWIS conducted research to support three key themes:

  1. CIO as the next CEO. This study demonstrated the role CIOs play in influencing decisions. It emphasized the importance of CEOs understanding the value of information.
  2. Innovation Drivers and Index. This study positioned HDS as an original thinker on IT and business innovation. It explored how technologies like cloud and big data, are driving innovation.
  3. CIO predictions for 2015. The final study gave HDS a viewpoint on top IT trends. It highlighted how these upcoming trends align with the HDS portfolio.

Research findings were launched at Hitachi’s Innovation Forum. We worked with the client to invite key regional media. Executives were fully briefed with the necessary content. Staff could then respond to any on-site media requests. We also coordinated with local PR teams on news distribution and press outreach. 


  • More than 200 articles were published in target media with over 1,538,434 social impressions
  • More than 700 tweets circulated the event and the news
  • LinkedIn activity generated 47 engagements
  • Available via WeChat, the report generated 100 downloads

The campaign opened doors for HDS and enabled it to engage with top decision-makers in key markets. It boosted the company’s position as an IT leader in noisy markets.

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