Intel Security PR Client Case Study

Intel Security FOCUS

FOCUS is Intel Security’s annual conference that connects security experts around the globe - a key moment for launching fresh products and initiatives. Intel Security always has many new things to say, with a recent brand refresh intended to highlight the distinction between the McAfee product range and the main brand. It was also the first FOCUS event for CEO Chris Young who was looking to make a good first impression.

Our mission: Bring it all together with social media.


Using a combination of blogs, paid posts, organic posts, and a Twitter Q&A with the CEO, we built excitement in the lead up to the event. This drove registration and helped define the conversation about FOCUS in a way that reflected the new brand messaging. We connected the new product messaging to the event and help the new CEO shine. LEWIS worked with the client’s own product marketing teams to ensure all players were aligned.  

During the event, we managed Intel’s live on-site social wall, a giant interactive screen that combined posts with curated content from delegates.

The program elements included:

  • Engaging influencers before, during and after the conference
  • Visual coverage of the event on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Spiceworks, Periscope, and Vine
  • Managing paid / organic social promotions of Banner ads and on Spiceworks and Dark Reading
  • An Instagram-integrated photo station complete with event branding at the after party


  • Increased social media mentions by one fifth over and above prior year
  • Doubled social media impressions of event mentions over prior year
  • Achieved above average click-through rate for all targeted LinkedIn ads
  • Met industry average engagement rate for all paid Twitter promotions
  • Nearly 2,000 clicks on Twitter App Card for the conference mobile app
  • Over 13,000 visits to Intel Security web properties

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