The Branded Leader Webinar

Webinar: The Branded Leader

How to Leverage Leadership for Personal & Corporate Success

Visibility is the new mandate for today’s executive, whether CEO or head of product for a multi-national organization. And while it’s true not everyone can be a Benioff, Branson or Sandberg, achieving thought leadership status isn’t nuclear physics. What it does require is a willingness to put a stake in the ground and talk about the world - and your industry - in a way that’s unique and forward looking. 

Thought leadership is cumulative, and today’s most recognized influencers achieve their status through patience, persistence, and perspiration. The reward: on-demand audiences that can reach into the millions and a unique spotlight on their companies. This can be achieved by virtually any executive - whether your company is 50 or 50,000.

This free webinar will be hosted by Miles Daniels, VP of Media Strategy at LEWIS, featuring Chris Lewis, CEO and founder

Topics to be covered include:

  • What it means to be a leader in the modern world

  • Three great narratives: finding your unique voice in each

  • Choosing the right format and channels 

  • Influencing the influencers - from customers to employees, the values are the same, but the messages can change



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Headshot of Miles Daniels VP of Media Strategy

Miles Daniels
VP of Media Strategy

Chris Lewis Leadership team

Chris Lewis
CEO & Founder

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