Employee Advocacy

What is Employee Advocacy?

Mobilizing employees to participate in industry conversations feeds your brand’s content engine and simultaneously raises brand awareness. And it’s not just having employees tweet or share a company brand and product information on social media. It’s a chance to leverage your company’s culture and workforce to surface stories that will resonate with the world, and more importantly your audience.  Smart brands are activating employees as media to reach new audiences in social, extend the reach of organic content and humanize their message.

    Delivering amazing employee experiences should be the focal point of all programs and activations.


    Surveying over 1,000 professionals worldwide, LEWIS Research has revealed that employees have a genuine desire to act as ambassadors for the brands they work for. Employers have much room for improvement in order to make the most of staff engagement, however. Check out our findings: 

    LEWIS Employee Activate

    LEWIS launched Employee Activate, an employee advocacy product and methodology, to help our clients work with their employees to:
    • Drive brand awareness
    • Change brand perception
    • Educate existing customers
    • Fill the sales pipeline
    • Solve customer support issues
    • Provide insights for innovation
    • Influence peers to buy
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    How Employee Activate Works

    Employee Activate Methodology

    Employee Activate follows a four-step, proven methodology:

    A successful employee advocacy program requires a substantial amount of planning. This includes accounting for all of the operational elements of a program like defining goals & objectives, program logistics, employee selection criteria, stakeholder collaboration and technology deployment.

    Identifying the right employees, training them and segmenting their content will ensure they have a positive experience. For example, executives, subject matter experts and sales teams may want to tell and share different types of stories and will certainly have different objectives when doing so. This is a critical to employee adoption and to the success of the overall program.

    Integrating employee-generated stories and content across the broader digital ecosystem is critical to success. Doing so, will ensure that trusted, more human content will surround sound your brand’s audience at the right time and in the right channel.

    Employee advocacy is more than just employees sharing branded content in social media channels. It involves activating employees using strategic calls-to-action to be brand storytellers so they can create/share content that is aligned to the overall brand narrative.


    Contact our employee advocacy experts to mobilize and activate your employee influencers. 
    Employee Activate eBook

    Want to learn more?

    Read our latest eBook, Employee Brand Storytelling, to learn: ​​

    • How employee experience affects brand perception
    • How to leverage employees as media
    • First steps on building an employee advocacy program
    • How to refine and optimize an employee advocacy strategy

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