eBook From Measurement to Management


The PR industry isn’t shy about dwelling on the historic challenges around demonstrating ROI. 


Our From Measurement to Management industry guide breaks down best practices on how to strategic measurement for improved ROI. Each guide focuses on defining metrics and proven approaches for quantifying success. The series includes insights and actionable steps to uplevel:

 EXPOSURE.  How is your brand seen? How many eyeballs are on you your product, service or issue?

 ENGAGEMENT.  Is your brand is fostering audience engagement  that resonates with its core value?
 PREFERENCE.  Why are your brand’s values, opinions and offerings selected over your competitors and vice versa?
 IMPACT.  How is your PR campaign changing business outcomes? Are your measurement metrics contributing to successful benchmarks and goals? Triggering conversions?
 ADVOCACY.  Does your PR campaign helps inspire adoption and organic third-party support for your product, service or cause? To what degree? 
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